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The Story

Welcome to my website! Through this website I would like to share with the world what I'm about. Growing up, the idea of doing only one thing my entire life, seemed terrifying. So, I made it my mission to not live a monotonous life.

Around my 18th birthday, I left the beautiful island of Curaçao to pursue higher education in The Netherlands. The years spent there shaped me and helped me grow and become more independent. This experience reinforced my ideas of not wanting to do one thing my entire life.

​I like to see myself as a multifaceted person. While building my career, I did not limit myself by staying one dimensional, but instead applied my acquired skills & talents in the educational field, fitness and travel. Because at the end of the day, life is too short to do only one thing forever, right?

Take some time to explore this website and feel free to reach out for any questions, collaborations or other inquiries.

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