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Paris: Do you believe in magic?

I moved to The Netherlands with the sole idea to study and just to study. Other distractions such as hanging out with friends, going out or just ‘not spending time in my books’ seemed like I’d be hasi koi mala mucha (a disobedient child). I was trying to be a good boy, you know? This quickly changed when I discovered that I could go to Paris, by bus, for just around 100 euros for 2 days. I was overjoyed by this discovery.

Let me tell you that I felt like Aladdin on his magical carpet. I got swept away by the idea that I could finally see the Eiffel Tower in person. I could not believe that I could eat fresh French croissants in actual France! So, by now it’s evident that I booked this trip. A student, in a bus, with a friend, on his way to freaking Paris!

Before Paris, I hadn’t travelled much. I didn’t want to spend money on things that seemed expensive. What the heck was I thinking? “Travelling does not have to be expensive”, is what I would say to my younger self.

Remember Aladdin? And the magic carpet? I felt like I was floating through the city of Paris. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was standing right under the Eiffel tower. And guess what; our hotel was right next to a Boulangerie (bakery). So that meant fresh croissants and so many French sweets. I got French for about three years during my high school, so I thought I was fluent in French. You should’ve heard me ordering [crwoisswants] in French. What I fool I made of myself that day. Ever tried croissant filled with chocolate? Please do! You’ll thank me later.

I know that some people are not impressed by Paris. I definitely was! I’m glad I went. As a young unexperienced traveler, Paris set the tone for me. The Eiffel Tower made me feel small and reminded me that there are so many big things in life to discover. From wanting to see the Eiffel Tower, to wanting to put my French skills to the test, to eating fresh French delicacies in the morning. Sounds like magic. It was magic. Do you believe in magic?

Paris, 26-07-2014

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