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Singapore: Can it get any cleaner than this?!

In May of 2019, I went on a super-jam-packed trip to South East Asia. In two weeks, I visited 3 countries and 4 cities in Asia, among which Singapore. I flew in at the airport of Changi, the airport that has been voted the best airport in the world 7 years in a row. So, try to imagine that this airport was no joke! This airport was so fancy, that a simple trip to the bathroom, felt like being caressed by flowers and clouds. Their toilets were insanely fancy, neat, and heavenly.

Changi airport was just the start of it all. Believe me. How can a country be so clean? How though? Singapore was so clean, that sometimes I was even scared to walk with my ‘dirty’ shoes on the sidewalk. Singapore was so clean, that you could see the tiles on the sidewalk shine. Nah, I'm exaggerating. But you get my point by now.

I find it impressive. It is impressive how a government can invest money and achieve results like this. I wonder, is it in the culture to keep the streets this clean or is it something they had to learn? Can Singapore please share this with the world? We could learn so much from this. How nice would it be to walk around without having to worry about stepping on chewing gum or something else? How nice would it be to enjoy a view without having to see a fast-food carton on the ground?

Look, I'm aware that Singapore is amongst the richest counties in the world. I am also aware that with the right amount of money, you could move mountains. But how about we start with ourselves? Walk 10 meters extra and throw that cup in the trash. Keep your chewing gum in your mouth or swallow it before throwing it on the ground. That swallow idea is a joke, so unhealthy! Oops. But you get me. I know that this might sound cheesy: but it starts with us. Try keeping your environment clean.

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