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Dublin: And it took me by surprise

As humans, I do believe that we always make decisions based on (somewhat) extreme ideas or examples. With this I mean that when I got asked to go to Dublin for New Years, I thought: Na-ah! I don’t want to go to that cold and grey country. “Where’s the fun in that?!”. The truth is, Dublin was amazing. Dublin took me by surprise.

The first thing that shook me was the weather. Maybe we got lucky, but Dublin wasn’t cold at all. You’d expect that you’ll freeze your fingers off because of the wintery weather. You’ve seen Game Of Thrones? Yes, that series about ‘winter is coming’? That was my notion of Ireland. But Na-ah! “Why did I pack so many sweaters?”.

Pints after pints after more pints. Pubs after pubs after pubs. And let me tell you that this was gezellig (translation: super fun). Everybody was minding their own business yet interacting with each other. The city of Dublin is a vibrant city. At night, in my opinion, the city becomes even more vibrant. Oh, and we walked passed some amazing and talented street performers. They made the Dublin streets literally vibrate.

Another thing that held me back: I love food! And I had the notion that I could not try anything authentic in Dublin, because, “what do they have as their traditional food”? Haggis? (Google is our friend). So, we went to this pub, O’Neills Pub and Kitchen down at Dublin 2. We went on a Sunday so we could try Ireland’s traditional ‘Sunday Roast’. Originally form Brittain, a Sunday roast is a meal consisting of roasted meat, roasted potatoes, roasted everything.

“Dear Rynell, do apologize to the gastromony of Ireland”. Bij deze (hereby): I’m sorry! The food was amazing! The best roasted ham I’ve ever had! Let me tell you that this ham was tender and falling off the bone! This reminded me of ham di pasku like we do it back home in Curacao (Google is our friend). Oh, and one of my friends had this slow cooked braised beef in Guinness. Yeah, Guinness beer, that black creamy delicious (not for everybody) beer. He-eh (Oh my!), this was goooood!

I’m glad I gave Dublin a chance. I’m glad that I have friends that stimulated me to try something new, to push my boundaries. Now it’s clear, Dublin took me by surprise. Allow it to happen to you as well. If its Dublin or not, go out there and try new things!

Dublin, December 2018

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