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Rhodes: It’s all about perspective

Note that I am not a self-help guru or anything of sorts. I’m just a guy that loves to travel and sees the beauty in all the little (or big) things I encounter while traveling.

Let me try to explain to you what my current view is. First of all, I see my phone. And the previous letters you’re currently reading on my notepad app on my iPhone screen. Then I see my tanned legs resting on a faded - that used to be bright yellow - sunbed. Followed by some rocks that connect the land with the ocean. To make it a little bit more dramatic, imagine the sound of the waves hitting the rocks and imagine a constant breeze through your eardrums.

I see bright blue waters, in the different shades. Starting as light blue and ending in infinite dark blue. A Greek friend of mine explained the meaning of the Greek Flag to me once: the blue background of the flag represents the prestige blue waters of the Greek islands. Well, ain’t that right?!

But this is what’s striking me. The horizon. The infinite. The unknown. I see “yet to discover” places. I see the metaphorical infinite potential of me. Of all of us. Even though there can be mountains on the horizon, keep on paddling to the left or right till you can see your clear horizon again.

So after having my guru moment, I jumped in these pristine, glowing blue waters of Rhodes. With the sole intention to swim to the horizon. Ey, I got tired! (And I was scared for sharks). But hey, the moral of the story is still in play: we all have all the potential in the world. Like the endlessness of the horizon. For me, I'll take my advice now and overcome my boundaries.

Next time I’ll swim by those mountains and wave them goodbye.

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