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Rhodes: It’s a date, this island is playing hard to get

During the last days of my summer vacation of 2019, I’ve been to Rhodes, Greece to relax and revamp before going back to work.

You know what ‘playing hard to get’ means, right? Well, the precious island of Rhodes was playing hard to get with us. It started with the weather forecast. Before leaving for Rhodes the forecasters predicted that it will be a windy week. Yes yes, you’ve guessed it right: exactly on those days that we’d be in Rhodes. The locals said that this never happened before to this extreme. But hey, we will still be able to enjoy the sun and chill, right? Well, that’s what I thought. Here’s what happened.

Even though it was super windy, we’ve decided to rent a scooter. What a great idea it was, yo! Setback 1: We’ve almost got (literally) blown away from our scooter. Setback 2: Our scooter went pretty fast, faster than the ‘gele kentteken’ (max. 45 km/hr) scooter in The Netherlands. Dope, but can you imagine the impact of bugs and flies when they crash on my face? Yes, with an open helmet, not even cute looking. Setback 3: while Google maps indicated a journey of 50 minutes, we did it for over 2 hrs. Ahá, extra-long in the wind, holding on for dear life and with all the dead bugs feasting on my face.

But, it was all worth it. The benefit of having a scooter is that you can visit all those remote places. After a long day of ‘struggles’, it was nice to take a dip in the glowing blue waters of Rhodes.

Oh crap, we still have to go back to the hotel...

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